Super Glide Picker
Amazing Revolutionary Production Picker
                                      AS OF JUNE 2015
                              THE SUPER GLIDE PICKER
                                  IS PATENT APPROVED !

From Tj's emails , (cut and paste), and I asked her if I could use her Face Book remarks, she agreed.
From emails,

Holy cow we whizzed though 8 fleeces in no time.   Awesome!!!! 

Grrrrrrrrreat help.

I’m washing more fleeces today because we whipped through the ones I had ready to go.   Thanks for everything.


From her Face book,


We received what may turn out to be the greatest time saving machine I have seen yet.  It is called a Super Glide Picker.  It can be seen at:

It is totally amazing, solidly built and very easy to use.  What took me days to pick by hand, is easily accomplished in 1/3 or less of the time.  If you process your own fiber, this is an absolute must have. 


 Tj Patton

Winter’s Hope Alpaca Ranch


I love the picker. It does everything Paige says. I have processed suri and huacaya alpaca and llama on it. I may have also done some bond sheep but don't remember. They all went through great. The longest staple length I was successful with is about 15". Much longer and it gets stuck due to physics. It is easy to clean. I love that the "drawer" lifts up to get the fleece that wants to stay there. Because I live in a dry climate I have to tighten the screws once in a while as the wood shrinks. I'm expecting to have to do the opposite this winter.

Thanks Paige for such a great product.
Congratulations on you're success.

Sara Greer

Suriville Alpaca Mill

BUILDER'S NOTE: Thanks for your feedback, Sara. I am now actually building the pickers myself ("if you want something done right..."!!), and I am using a different wood and a differently threaded wood screw. No more problems with screws loosening so far as I know. Again, I appreciate you helping me continue to improve our SuperGlide Pickers.
Happy picking!!
I am using one of the first Super Glide models. I consider this fiber processing equipment just as essential to the home cottage fiber processor as a drum carder and and spinning wheel.  I detest the cleaning and picking process, I really just want to get to the spinning.  This picker makes the process tolerable and even enjoyable.  More importantly it's fast!  I can fly through fleece after fleece in just a few hours rather than half a fleece in a day.  The fibers are open and fluffy.  I could spin right from there or take it to the carder.  Also, like the carder, you can also use this picker to blend.  This is good way to blend different fibers or just different colors. I have used this on alpaca and Finn wool.  One alpaca fleece was just on the verge of felting and the Super Glide saved it, opening it back up. This is also a testament to how sturdy the picker is.

    I suffer from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome so being hunched over a table or excessive arm or shoulder use will aggravate the problem.  With the Super Glide I am upright and and picker absorbs the movement.  I can rock my weight between my feet and keep my upper body calm. 

    I no longer look at my fleece and resign myself to another year of paying a mill to get the job done.  Now I can see a time efficient way to do it myself and like doing it.

Taffy Curtaz
Haven Ridge Alpacas



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